dear 2011,
Hell,o there.
nice to meet you.
2010 just passed,and i am looking forward
to meeting you.

you know something?
actually all i wish for this year is to be happy.
as simple,and happy year for me.
thankyou 2011,it is a pleasure meeting you.

in 2011,i want to be;
-a better person.
-stop caring what people think.
-be nice to everyone.
-do batter at school
-diet more[oops!eat more],exercise.
-be happy.

i don't care what you say,im going to make this my year.

*enjoy the little things.
*be a better friend.
*make my parents proud.
*learn some new skill.
*get a beach body. 

new memories,new mistakes,new heartaches,new people,new tear,new laughs,new year.

hey 2011,
it's a new year.
new mistakes are going to make along with new promises and regret.
all i'm asking is that you'll be better then last year.i'm not praying for miracle,
i just want a better year than the one that's about to pass.

on the 31st of december,
before 12 am,
go into a room by yourself,
after 12 am,run out of the room and
yell to your family,

"oh my god,i haven't
seen you guys since
last year!!" 
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